Sheffield press for Augmented R&D

Two weeks ago I worked with choregographer Martyn Garside and sound designer/composer Lee Affen (Affen Audio) on an Augmented sound and dance R&D supported by Sheffield Crucible and Ramps on the Moon.

We tested a disrupted sound and dance idea for one of the scenes in Augmented, and staff from the theatre kindly came and watched and gave feedback. I tested the idea twice on two different days, first time I let the audience (Ben and Rob) hear the music after I had danced, then next time I did not play the music at all.  Lee had made an absolutely fantastic track, entirely composed of samples of a train journey we made from Sheffield to Doncaster. I now need to decide whether anyone will ever hear that track in the show at all, apart from me.

Martyn helped me find my dance during the week and we did some improvised movement work.

I’m hugely grateful to Ben Wilson and Robert Hastie and everyone at Sheffield Theatres, and to Lee and Martyn for being so enthusiastic and fun to work with.

After the project we got our first press mention in the Star newspaper. 

Ben said: “Everyone is so excited about that show. She’s a really important voice in British theatre.”



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