Sophie Woolley on The Pulsation Podcast at Pulse18 Festival

We’re getting ready for our next sharing of Augmented at Ovalhouse in London in July as part of their exciting FiRST BiTES series.

In the meantime, here’s a podcast with Sophie and producer Kendall Masson talking about the making of AUGMENTED with Dave from the New Wolsey Theatre, at Pulse a few weeks ago.

We hope to get a full transcript up soon, but in the meantime here are a few short excerpts from the podcast:

SOPHIE:  “The journey of going deaf was quite strange, because the whole time I was going deaf, I was not going deaf, because the hospital told me I was not going to go deaf, and so even though it was becoming more and more obvious to everyone, I was doing the classic denial thing that people do, when they go deaf. And then we’ve got the period of the play of adaptation, where my writing and performing career is taking off…and I have to keep that ball in the air, and it kind of comes apart in a scene when I’m in a room for a few hours with Jon Ronson, signing books. And I can’t wait to share that at the Ovalhouse sharings…

“And then there’s the bit where I’m switched on. And there’s a science fiction feel to the piece, because immediately when I was switched on I felt, wow, this is like being in a science fiction novel – I’m living inside a Philip K. Dick book. This is living the dream. this is brilliant, so I wanted people to feel this…the person who’s telling the story to the audience, is actually from the future. I’m from the future and you’re still living in the past, unless there are people in the audience who have implanted and they’re also from the future. So I’m trying to convince you – you know when you see in science fiction stories that someone’s come from the future and no one believes them – that I’ve got something to tell you! I really have to tell you something crucial.. And I think in the future hearing people will implant…

“Before the show I had my phone switched to Bluetooth before I went on stage and the postman was outside my gate in London and he actually called me and I was trying to get him off the phone, he was saying I’m trying to get in.. I was really worried he was going to phone me in the middle of the performance…”

Come see AUGMENTED at Ovalhouse, London 12-14 July at 7:30p.m. More info and (£5) tickets here.

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