Beautiful design R&D

In November we had a three day design R&D to embed the creative captions and audio description as an integral part of the show. I was bowled over by how lovely it all looked, when I played back a video of a short run through after the R&D.

A beautiful chalky sketch projected onto brown set in a theatre. The drawing is of Sophie, wither her hair up.

plain theatre back wall set surface projected with chalky type font, with a speech bubble that says 'hey!' and half the captions show, saying like I'm testing whether she is really deaf.'

Laura Hopkins, the designer, asked me to bring in my old comics and the magazines and zines I wrote for back in the early days when I first worked as a writer, artist and and performance artist. These provided inspiration for a comic book theme to the early part of the show. Joshua Pharo designed the captions projections.

Adrienne Quartly worked on the sound design, including some great ideas developed with audio description consultant, Michael Achtman. Producer Kendall Masson (who is from the USA herself), helped me with my American accent, to help me mimic the automated voice I sometimes hear when using a Phonak streaming device. Recording this voice, helped clarify a moment in audio description terms, and really added to the emotion and drama in that moment of the scene. I was excited about this.

Watch this short clip on vimeo to see what we came up with in three days! I am delighted to be working with such a skilled and talented creative team, who are immensely dedicated to embedding access for D/deaf and blind people, within the show design.

Huge thanks to Unlimited and The New Wolsey Theatre for funding this design R&D and to The Bush for giving us the R&D space.

We are booking our first tour now – coming in January 2020!

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